Here are some things for you to Think About . . . IF you REALLY care
Now find "As Good As Mother's" Seasoned Flower in Jewel food stores in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs ...... at Pete's Produce on 87th and Stony Island, and at 87th and Loomis ...... at Dixmoor Fruit on Sibley and Dixie Highway ...... at Discount Meats on 79th and Vincennes ...... and at Rose Bud Farm Fruit Stand on 130th and Indiana.
The General Says:
"A Word to the Wise is SUFFICIENT!

And in this website The General will be giving you some of his knowledge, research and life experiences. Hopefully you will "take away" something that will help in your everyday life situations, think about and question what's going on in the world as we live in it.  (Check out the General's Bio at the bottom of the page.)  Let's start with some everyday common sense . . . .

The answer is education, training and created wealth!

Freely give and freely receive; that which comes from the heart reaches the heart!

If a man does not work he shall not eat.

By the sweat of thou brow; thou shall earn thy daily bread.

No one will help us BUT US!

The answer is love yourself, do unto others as you would have done unto you. Racial Pride support African American Business.

To err is Human, to forgive is Divine.

How can you love Jesus whom you have never seen, and don't love your Fellow Man!

All who are smart are not wise. WISDOM comes with age.

A word to the wise is sufficient.

God bless the child that has his own.

Those that have; get: Those that don't have; don't get.

How do you spell success:
H A R D W O R K.

3 D's to Success:



Biography of Walter L. Brooks

Affectionately called “the General”


Walter L. Brooks, AKA "The General", was born June 2, 1941 on a plantation in Leland, Mississippi.  His parents brought him to Chicago, when he was three years old.   Walter is the proud father of four children and seven grandchildren.

The General attended Lawson Grammar School and Harrison High School on the west side of Chicago.   Walter also attended Kennedy-King and Malcolm X Colleges to improve his business skills.

In 1963, the General was drafted into the military and was honorably discharged as a mess sergeant.   

In 1969, the General became Jewel’s Food Stores first African American kitchen manager.    Also in 1969, Walter was one of the executive Vice Presidents for the Organization for Better Austin and President of the Monroe Street Community Council.  The General was also President of the Central Austin Block Club and a member of the Men’s Austin Civic Organization.

In 1971, The General began his first business venture where he established his first meat market.  In 1972, The General was the market manager for Black Giant Supermarket, one of the largest independent supermarkets in Chicago at that time.  In 1977, The General opened the Mad Butcher Supermarket on the Westside of Chicago.   In 1979, The General (CEO and President) opened his first of ten Eat –n- Run Carry Out located throughout the Chicago area, the island of St. Lucia in Eastern Caribbean and one in Belize in Central  America.   There was also an Eat –n- Run in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Eat –n- Run Carry Out specialize in fish and chicken where catering and carryout is available.  In 1983, The General opened the “Mad Butcher Meat Market and Produce Stand on the south side of Chicago. 

In 1996, The General introduced his “As Good As Mother’s” seasoned flour which is currently in retail at stores around the Chicago area.  He is CEO and President of this company.

In 1995, The General was the founder and CEO of Today’s Black Man.  The General was also a former advisory board member for the Salvation Army, Real Fathers Real Men organization, and Straight Talk Economic  Roundtable.  The General sponsored the Most Improved Student Banquets for several Chicago schools.  The General also sponsored “Lunch with the Principal”.

The General has been a recipient of numerous community service awards. Today, The General is currently a business consultant. The General’s lifelong passion is to create businesses, jobs and business training programs which in turn create wealth in our communities.

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