Here are some things for you to Think About . . . IF you REALLY care


Our people are doomed, and they laugh in our face.
They play a sick little game that is destroying our race.

In this they use a lot of economics,
The law, the media, and some politics.

At the start of the game they throw us in areas with condemned estates,
Commonly known as Cabrini Green, Robert Taylor Homes, and Section 8.

We work at minute jobs to barely make ends meet,
Keeping dirty clothes on our backs and stinky shoes on our feet.

We work endlessly as their personal tool,
Where's MY recompense?   Where's MY 40 acres and a mule!

They portray us on welfare, paying bills and rents that are past due,
But 53% of them are on it - ARE THEY ON THE NEWS?

In our neighborhoods you see them constructing and welding for an honest day's penny
But where are the brothers? I NEVER see any!

We run to the Arabs, to the Koreans, and to the Jews,
To spend our little checks, to buy what THEY choose.

When a brother starts a business with things we can use,
We'll never give him our business, we simply refuse.

It's funny how the Arabs leave their store for a month and go overseas,
To spend OUR money with their families any way they please.

When brothers aim for good jobs, they never let us in,
Because of our nappy hair, big lips, and handsome black skin.

Soon brothers get tired of working at low-paying occupations,
We drink and do drugs out of fits of frustrations.

Supporting their new habit, brothers have a new job,
To get money at all costs, to KILL, to STEAL, and to ROB.

This is the favorite part of his game, putting us in shackles and cuffs,
I can't do this again! I thought 400 years was enough!

The brothers not shackled are junkies and bums on the street,
Begging people for spare change, can't even stand on their feet.

Now all the brothers are gone and the women are all alone,
They're forced to manage the bills completely on their own.

But who comes to our sister's rescue? They get in her face,
Having sex, making babies, ending the game and our race.

Who are these demented people? -- Some call them devils, others call them swine,
Who are these economic superiors? Your guess is as good as mine.

Author - Rashadd Hines

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