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Who Is Keeping Us Down?
Author - Dr. Webb Evans - 1963

We help to keep ourselves down by supporting others instead of supporting our own. We are forever finding causes to not do business with each other. We spend our money to help build factories, businesses, churches and make jobs for other races, while many of our people are out of jobs, church members begging, and the whole race suffering. The Jewish people are persecuted all over the world, but by being united they are able to operate some of the largest factories in the world, own some of the best hospitals, have some of the most beautiful synagogues and make enough jobs for all their people with some to spare. The Negroes, by refusing to take pride in his own race and unite together, has to beg others for jobs, credit and many other necessities.

To you who have money in the bank, is it in a bank that's helping your people? We eat as much as any race. Where are our Food Supermarkets, where are our wholesale grocery stores? All the food negroes eat, we don't buy enough groceries from ourselves to have a wholesale grocery store. Negroes drink as much beverages sold in our community are sold to us by people who live in other communities. We buy merchandise from companies who will not even hire a Negro.

At the present time many of our bread men are being laid off because people are buying bread from companies who will not hire a negro to work at the plant nor deliver it. The average negro has never learned to think about who he is helping or who he is hurting when spending his money. Where are our cleaning plants, our dry goods stores, our banks, our car agencies, drug stores? Where we have them, let's start supporting them before they dry up. If we don't have them, don't you think it is about time to start building some? When we have won all our fights for integration, we still will not have all the rights due us, nor respect until we break that chain of economic slavery and build our economy as other races have done.

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